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Anybody have any experience, good or bad, with Nobeltec Nav systems? Looking at a boat that has the system installed. Thanks

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I have Nobeltec Time Zero on my IPad. Not using the cellular data just the built in GPS. I am totally impressed. $50.00 and I got the app and the full set of raster charts for the USA. Initially bought it as backup for my old but trusty Garmin 182c. The Garmin is gathering dust. I have used it in an around Southern New England and it has been flawless and easy to use. Not sure how this helps your situation but if the quality is comparable you will be fine.

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My old company used Nobletec and I didn't have any issues. If commercial vessels use it then it must be ok.
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TF Site Team
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Have used Nobeltec for 10 years excellent program. Lived through three generation changes. Prices not much different than Garmin units. Only problem was the now older generation used a dongle. If your dongle is lost or breaks you are out of luck until you get a new one.
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Have used it since 2003 and currently using Nobletech Odesy. Nobletech has several levels of programs and are used extensively in Alaska commercial fleets.
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TF Site Team
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I'm a user. The PO had a really old version on board, and when I contacted Nobletec regarding an upgrade they said my serial number for the ancient version was probably fine, but they didn't have any records. No problem they said, of course you qualify for the Upgrade Pricing! I was delighted, and am still a user having gone through some further upgrade. I give them brownie points for customer service!

So now using TZ Navigator. Nobletec is owned by MaxSea, in turn 50% owned by Furuno. So perfect compatibility with Furuno. I run TZ on a 24" monitor, usually with a split screen showing Nav one side and radar on the other side. I much prefer using TZ than the Furuno MFD on the flybridge.

Having said all that, I have spent quite a lot on upgrades & radar module to get where I am now. Not particularly happy about all those costs, and I think now it would be cheaper. Were I starting out with a new boat and no systems I would look closely at Coastal Explorer.
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Thanks to all for the insight. Will repost when I have more info on version and current integration. Am reassured by your responses that it's a system worth keeping if it's up to date. Will beware of add ons and price it all out if it isn't integrated yet. More to follow.
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I would highly recommend. I have used them for over 10 years and really like them. The more you uses it the more easier it becomes.
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I've used Nobeltec since 1997, before it was Nobeltec! Still use an older version of Nobeltec and find it does everything I need. Route planning couldn't be easier. It has the ability to link route points to current stations to calculate an optimal time to depart, calculates arrival times based on boat speed, current and departure time, etc. Supports NOAA raster charts, which I like. Only problem is my version requires Windows XP so I run it under the Windows 7 Professional XP virtual machine. Runs fine!
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We had Nobeltec on out previous boat and loved it. When we bought our current boat it came with Raymarine stuff which uses Navionics. Right off I ordered Nobeltec Navigator and run it in my laptop as my primary system and use the Raymarine as a back up.
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We have both Nobeltec VNS (on a 12 year old Dell XP) and Trident (on a Lenovo Windows 7). The Trident with a new Furuno AP 711C performs well in follow the course mode. Simrad AP 20 (now the backup AP) never worked as well on either laptop. The AP 711 functions nicely on the NN3 follow the course mode too.

Like all this stuff, too many capabilities, bells and whistles for my needs though. I'd rather cruise, gab with Admiral and crew, watch for obstacles, follow the en route weather and check the ER than deal with digital interface minutiae. So for me, CE would be just as good if I didn't have Furuno gear and were starting over.
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BTW Sloloopwe Welcome aboard!
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We use Nobeltec Professional which is the replacement for Trident. I like it and it works well on our windows 10 PC nav system. It integrates well with a nobeltec radar and displays AIS from our Vesper x8000 unit. Their tech support is good and very helpful. It also is compatible with Active captain.

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