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Could you drill out the existing pin and replace it? That seems like it would be the quick / cheap fix.

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That was my first thought but as soon as I start down that road, I lose the watertight integrity once the pin is drilled out. Not sure what to replace the ss pin with as the head has slight oval flat but is smooth; .. or where to source. I hate to replace the inlet if this would work.

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I wholeheartedly support & endorse the Smart Plug as well. Safest thing you can do for your boat, especially considering most boat fires start at the plug.
Great product and great support.
You will need to replace your boat side intake receptacle for both 30A connections but it is a DYI job. You can buy the kit which has the receptacle and the cord.
The 50A adapter is available on Defender as is the Smart Plug and will probably be the least expensive place to get it, but do your due diligence. Google is your friend, but with any search engine, you never know what else, non-related, will show up.
​Best regards,
Charles Williamson
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Originally Posted by jwnall View Post
And for those of you who I consider friends (you know who you are) I will just tell you all that I just got married again, after 12 years of being a confirmed bachelor. :-)
John, with all the exciting shore power cord discussion I think people missed this comment. Or...they are ignoring it because it brings back really bad memories.... I wouldn't trade my 33 year tenured Admiral for anything. Well, that Grand Banks 60 looks really good, no, not anything.

Congrats from someone who doesn't know you at all!
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Originally Posted by Comodave View Post
I put the Smart Plug connectors on our boat last year. I really like the extra contact area on the Smart Plug. Compass Marine did a report on them and it is on their web site. I had just replaced my shore power cables so instead of buying the Smart Plug cables I just bought the connectors and replaced the ends on my new cables. If I had it to do over, I would just buy the Smart Plug cables. I had to replace the inlets on the boat but looking at it logically the difference in contact area and the better conduction of the current makes it a no brainer. Yes, the old style connector is still on the dock end but if the cable is going to have a fire I would much rather it be on the dock than on my boat.
The Smartplug cables are terrific. The cable sheathing is pliable and flexible, probably some sort of silicone rubber. Anyway, the cord is quite easy to coil up quite unlike those heavy yellow beasts of old. I threw my old one away.

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