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Originally Posted by ARoss View Post
Found replacements. Who knew? I guess these will suffice for now, seeing as how I am almost never under way when nav lights are needed anyway.

Sea-Dog Navigation Light Replacement Lenses
I hope that didn't break the bank!

A spare pair might be a good investment.

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I ordered two sets... you're right, at that price... why not?

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Great that you found replacement lenses. Not long after I pur my boat, it was 4 yrs old, I noted that the red nor green were as red nor green as they should be. I put some of that "celophane" colored wrapping material inside the fix, green in the green and red in the red, when I sold the boat some 25 yrs later it was still there, I think that I may have renewed the celophane one time.
Oh, I did paint the red bulb with nail polish once, that works as well.
Charles C Culotta, Jr
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My Viking came with nav lights identical to ARoss' and had the same problem. It seemed that anything that could be done to lessen their effectiveness - take a tiny light, obscure most of the lens area with a cover, and finish it by mounting them 3' or so above the boot stripe - was done. The steaming light was a cheap one (more suitable for a runabout), mounted on the flybridge console where anyone on the bridge over 4.5' feet tall could obscure the light. Changed them out with Hella 25 watt (like FF said, it's a power boat, so I didn't want to pay the freight for LED) and mounted them on the flybrige skirt, gaining about 7-8' elevation. The Hella steaming light went on the mast I fabricated for the radar, etc., also gaining 8-9' elevation. For the anchor light, I did go LED for power conservation.

It seems to me that safe operation at night (at least where I operate) is very much a "see and be seen" contest between me and everyone else out there. So, neglecting refraction, I maybe got an additional 3.4 or so miles of "visibility" to other traffic by moving the light position. I don't really know if that relates to a real improvement, but I take nautical safety as, in part, an accumulation of incremental factors.
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Rule 20 -(b) The Rules concerning lights shall be complied with from sunset to sunrise, and during such times no other lights shall be exhibited, except such lights which cannot be mistaken for the lights specified in these Rules or do not impair their visibility or distinctive character, or interfere with the keeping of a proper look-out.

I find vessels hard to spot at night with only running lights showing. Do any of you show other lights to make yourself more visible?

Here the Coot is pictured with running, mast spreader, pilothouse valance, and saloon celing lights on. Haven't operated at night yet, but to mimize possible night blindness and window reflections, my initial plan is to operate with running and saloon lights with curtains closed. The mast spreader lights would make the boat even more visible if they don't materially affect night vision.

Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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if your running lights are upgraded to the next size...the 5 mile variety masthead...there's no problem seeing you..

most of the smaller rec boat lights are pathetic...

and anyone who paints the lens isn't doing themselves any favor.
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Agree - but there are a few traffic choke points around here that, if I'm transiting after dark, I go through looking like a Carnival cruise ship.

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