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RE: My 6V House Batts

timjet wrote:FF wrote:
Usually the 6 v are much better at Deep Cycle use , a house bank.

*So what would you recommend for engine start batteries. I know the thinner plates of a start battery supply more amps, but are more amps vs the longivity of a deep cycle battery better in a engine start application.


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RE: My 6V House Batts

The best is to use deep cycles for the house and starts for starting.

Almost no amps are used for most starting , and should someone crank too long , the starts will stop giving juice , as the plates get covered with bubbles. Wait 5-10 min and you can have another attempt or two. Good safety feature.

However I have been on boats with NO start batt set. BUT it was a sail boat with tiny 35hp engine and HUGE house set.

The voltage for starting depends on plate surface area , where starts excel, but with close to 1/4 ton of house batts , the surface area of the deep cycle batts was enough.

Always best to use a hammer on a nail , rather than the hydrometer!

Starts to start , 6v golf carts for the house, DONE.

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RE: My 6V House Batts

Thanks guys for clarify this.

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