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Load shedding

Somewhere in the mix of posts I mentioned load shedding, but did not have a parts number.

Years ago I wrote an article for fellow bus nuts about the same subject, but was unable to find it in their archives,So I adked ,

could they be --> Potter-Brumfeld PRD11dy0-110

I looked at the spec sheet and I can't find out if they can be set to NC (normally closed) to open when a signal is sent.

This is required for Load Shedding to work.

Current cap is fine , as is the price.

These are DPDP - so there are 2 sets of BOTH N/O and N/C contacts connections

They can be wired either way without fliping contacts.

Thanks Pete , that will work!

For those that have not heard of Load Shedding , it is an easy concept.

When in a site that has very limited power power on board AC users are staged.

The HW heater would be in all the time , BUT, when the fridge needs power ,a wire from the fridge motor activates the relay , and the HW heater goes off.

When the fridge finishes , the power to its motor stops , and the relay allow the HW heater to go back on.

It works seamlessly after you set it up.

The possibilities are almost endless.

I have not used these specific units but they should work, next time you are at one of those fine* fancy places with a single 15A plug.
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