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Link 2000 monitor: Amp hour or % remaining?

Page 13 of the Link 2000 manual under "Setup" states:

"F09 - Ah or Rate Compensated % Remaining mode. Default off = Ah Display Mode On = Rate Compensated % Remaining Mode:

Changes the A hrs function to % Remaining Mode, which displays the selected battery's rate compensated state-of-charge as a % of the declared capacity. A full battery is displayed as P100 and a 50% discharged battery is displayed as P050. When in this mode, the battery capacity and Peukert exponent must be accurately set up."

The monitor currently displays Ah remaining. However, my sense is the Rate Compensated % Remaining Mode might be more informative as it indicates % state-of-charge. Others on this forum have found a SOC meter as valuable.,

Page 26 indicates a Peukert exponent of 1.24 for the T-105. Does this sound reasonable?


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I think it's just a matter of how you prefer to see it. Presumably you know the capacity of your batteries, so a numeric Ah display shouldn't be too hard to interpret, and gives a little more insight into consumption over the course of the day etc. But a % is pretty easy to understand, as long as everyone knows that 50% is as low as you should go.
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