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ipad cases

So ..... having just had to replace my ipad ....partially due to water damage ( I swear I didn't get it THAT wet :-)......) I'm wondering what the group thinks about the various brands of waterproof cases for use out in the open skiff in the liquid sunshine of the PNW. This is the ipad 3 version which is a little thicker than 2nd version. Direct experience from those who constantly use the ipad as a chart plotter in an open boat gratefully appreciated. thx

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I've been given 3-4 samples. I don't like any of them. What I'd like is one that fully protects the device but allows it to be plugged in. Except for very short periods of time, an iPad needs to be plugged in for navigation use because bright screen + GPS uses too much battery power.

I honestly think that one of the larger style of ziplock bags does the best job. The cable can come out one edge and the whole ziplock part can get folded over to stop water from getting in (using Gorilla tape). Then mount that with a RAM mount, etc and it works pretty well. It's what I use. Costs about $0.50, I'm guessing...

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I use an Otter, iPad is alive so far. If you ever want to take it off, watch the video first, it can be a real bugger.
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I've had good luck with lifeproof cases for a 2 a 3 as well as two phones. They stay waterproof while on charge but just Dond forget to lock down the charge port after charging.

Via iPad using Trawler
Via iOS.
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Yep I would go for the Lifeproof cases.
I have one for my iphone and one for the ipad.
They are robust , waterproof and excellent.
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