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Unless you have the real estate for a large solar array and a smart MPPT charger to replenish power to the house bank 2 8D's will never cut it. Excess solar can be used to heat water with a special DC load element. We all know you can't recharge batteries from the inverter unless it's an inverter/ charger and you are running a generator or plugged into shore power. Forget about running a single 16,000BTU AC unit from an inverter if it will stand the surge the batteries won't last long enough to even mildly cool the boat.

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The real question is what are the total power requirements and how long will you operate with DC battery power running the fridge, lights, pumps, etc., and the inverter powering a freezer and misc ac loads, you may find that the amp hours available from 2 8D batteries may not be sufficient for more than an overnight (if even that).

Don't even consider connecting the water heater to the inverter (or the air conditioner). The power draw will be too high. You should be able to maintain hot water by running the main engine if you have a coolant loop installed.

Many websites that sell top quality inverters (Magnum, Victron, Mastervolt, Outback) have information on how to determine your power requirements in order to properly size your battery bank and inverter.

As the other posters have recommended, fixing the generator may be a better solution. Adding a quality inverter, battery cabling, additional batteries, AC wiring, adds up in cost rapidly. Adding one of the new quiet Honda generators is also an option. I would be paranoid about CO poisoning and be careful about where it is mounted. It makes me cringe when I see sailboats anchored near me with one of those generators mounted on the cabin top and running.

Good luck, I'm curious as to which way you decide to proceed.

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