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How many guages do you have

EGT on main

Engine and Transmission oil pressure and temperature


Anemometer and wind direction (very nice to have)

Murphy gauge on main coolant level (

Potable, gray and black water levels

Low flow alert on genset raw water

Remote water maker controls

Remote inverter controls

Remote thruster, rudder, transmission controls

Link 2000

Voltmeter, ammeter for 12, 24 vdc and 120 and 240 ac

Dock voltmeter (very nice to have)


Remote windlass controls and chain counter (very nice to have)

Daytank fuel level

Rudder angle indicator (very nice to have)


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RE: How many guages do you have

Thanks for posting the Murphy link Carl

Also I'd like to have a rudder indicator too.


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RE: How many guages do you have

Marin wrote:jleonard wrote:I only change batteries in the antenna mounted unit with the wind gage once a year.

*We have a wireless weather station at home (no wind info, though).* The batteries in the remote sensor outside last a long time.* But no matter how long they last, I always get annoyed when I have to get out a ladder and climb up and change them even if it's been a couple of years since I last did it.* Since running a cable would be so easy in the situation on our boat, I would prefer a unit powered by the boat.

*We just picked up this one at COSTCO.*

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RE: How many guages do you have

Although it is not easy to install Murphy also has an oil level monitor.

Even if the pressure is still fine , when the amount of oil in the pan goes below a set level, the alarm tells all.
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RE: How many guages do you have

EGT alarm will alert you to cooling system failure before the water temp goes up. I have a sensor mounted on outside of exhaust elbow (no drill required) I think 180F makes the switch and alarm goes off. $25 from Pat's Marine engines in Seattle. They call it a Norm switch after Norm Dibble, local Lehman guru. It straps on *where the temp is pretty low. If the raw water flow stops, it gets hot.[img]download.spark?ID=1065429&aBID=115492[/img]

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