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>There is a revolution coming with batteries. No telling what is going to be on the table in 5 yrs +, until then, golf cart batteries are the best game in town.<

Folks have been waiting for this revolution since the late 1800s.

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Yeah, but things are different now. Mega BIG bucks in multiple countries are being poured into research because of the rush to electric cars. State of Utah has given Telsa mogul some ungodly amt of money for a battery factory for instance.

There is also the push for home solar systems. Hide and watch, we a Gonna see some new, fast charge hi cap long life batteries like never imagined. Now when WE will be able to afford them?? Altogether another question.

Just as solar panels, down 60% in what? 4 years..dollar a watt now. It is coming.

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Originally Posted by Mule View Post
State of Utah has given Telsa mogul some ungodly amt of money for a battery factory for instance..
Nevada. The money was not given as compared to the very strong desire on Musk's part to leave the state of California and it's anti business climate. Sure, lower wages, tax advantages, pro business etc fueled the growth model and necessary move. But leaving CA was essential to be able to compete on an international basis.
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Originally Posted by CaptTom View Post
One more point, the GC batteries are taller, so you get more battery on the same footprint; if there's room.

Some GCs aren't appreciably taller. Lifeline's 31s ate 9.27" tall, and their base GCs are 9.92" tall.

But then again, they also have GCs that are 13.02" and 15.73" tall, too.

Originally Posted by Arcticspud View Post
Space is limited on the port side. The genset is there along with an 8D for starting. I was considering a small water ballast bag that wake boarding boats use to remedy the list.

You might not really need an 8D for starting? If it's dedicated for starting only, a Group 31 with decent MCAs/CCAs could perhaps replace, leaving space for at least a couple GCs (either moved from the original house bank, or added)?


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