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Several passes of small gauge wire

Originally Posted by Comodave View Post
The really small wires are a PITA to make connections. I usually use a pink connector and spcut a very short piece of copper wire. Put the small wire along with the extra wire in the connector and crimp it. Then heat shrink it and squeeze the end of the shrink and seal the end up. Not ideal. Does anyone have a really good way?
Not sure if it is correct but strip more insulation and fold the wire over a few times to accommodate the smallest crimp connector I have on hand.

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Originally Posted by Andiamo2018 View Post
Not sure if it is correct but strip more insulation and fold the wire over a few times to accommodate the smallest crimp connector I have on hand.
They do make 22-26ga heat shrink butt splices. I crimp them with small nose Vise grips.

The Vice grips give good leverage and you can adjust the amount of crimp.

Even then, you sometimes have to double over the wire. You can also put both small wires in the same end of the butt splice for a good grip.

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Originally Posted by rbcooper View Post

The source doesn't say anything about being water proof. Any problem with corrosion with these?

RB Cooper

rb, sorry, I missed this somehow.

The company has various different types of connectors. Their website sucks at providing info however. I've used the "Posi-Tite" ones only once, to install our spare 12v water pump in the bilge when the primary one burned out on a long trip. I used dielectric grease on the wires. It's their "water tite" connector. Worked fine. I don't know if I'd rely on them long term, but for the emergency repair...

The others (Posi-Lock & Posi-Twist) are the ones I mentioned I used on really tiny gauge wire and only in dry area like behind the dash in the cabin. I only used them for low voltage wires like when installing my Garmin system for some of the secondary connections like AIS etc. Again, they have worked fine for 10 yrs.

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