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Re: Gps

I agree, size is always important and we use a very old Gateway laptop, with a broken screen, running Fugawi and Navionics Gold charts, connected to a remote 15" screen.

However, the iPhone makes a great back-up. I first saw this operating on a friends 29' yacht last December. For a small tiller-steered yacht, with nowhere to permanently mount electronics in the cock-pit, an iPhone in the pocket is a great solution.

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Re: Gps

I said in an earlier post the Magellan Nav 6000 was the only unit in the late '90s that used C-MapNT cards. Obviously that's wrong---- it was the only handheld unit back then that used C-MapNT cards.....

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Re: Gps

There are alot of the older Garmin's on the market, I have an earlier version of their
first portable with "g-chart", a 176C, nice little unit and the chart detail is fantastic,
just be aware that with a small screen you have to zoom in quite close to see all
the detail. Saw one on e-bay, starting bid $1.00 so i believe they can be picked up
pretty cheap. Also the newer 3000 series are about to go out of production so there
should be some pretty good deals on them. No I don't work for Gamin but I do
deal with their Aviation products on a regular basis, in the Avionics biz, and they
build a great product. I'm planning to put a full Garmin suite on the boat
when I finish the restoration project, but thats another story.

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Re: Gps

Peter B wrote:

Trouble is, and I don't dispute the benefit of larger screens - I just luuuuuve my Panasonic HD plasma for sport etc, but, when it comes to these GPS, plotters etc, the price seems linked directly to the screen size and shoots up dramatically just for that, when the functions and guts are hardly any different.
Yep, the screen is the most expensive piece to the whole puzzle. *Even a la[top computer thatis not sunlight viewable, that is the most expensive part. * And yes, Furuno charges an arm and a leg for their larger displays.
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From my own point of view, I have all ways found that a fixed computer system running Nobeltec or such with a good screen is the way to go.
Screens are cheap and of good quality.
My existing system is now 5 years old and as I am updating my plotter system I am upgrading the computer.(small footprint) such as available from Cappachino or Pioneer in Aus.
And if you worry about screens carry a lap top as back up or a spare screen , they are cheap enough.


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Re: Gps

Has anyone mentioned the plasma vs. LCD issue ?
You can have a cheap laptop, just make sure it has the LCD screen for best daylight visibilty.

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