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Originally Posted by Donsan View Post
85 degrees at night??? Certainly, you exaggerate. I do live in the tropics and quite a bit south of Houston. Okay, I just looked up St. Petersburg FL and the overage low is 75 degrees. Where are you finding these 85 degrees at night? At 8 or 9PM?

I am not saying you don't need AC at night. My suggestion is to configure your boat so you don't have to run the genny over night.
An AVERAGE low of 75???? That is hot as hell when you take the upper range of that average during the summer!!! July...August....September are miserable. I surf these Gulf Coast waters regularly. And by mid July, surf water temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s!!!! The inland bays and waterways are warmer!!!! As Madge from Palmolive would say...."You're soaking in it!"....the water that is. And when you are sitting there soaking in that 87 degree water, it is pretty tough to get much cooler than that.

Again, if you do not have AC will not be comfortable. I still do not think running AC on inverters is really viable when you need 32k(or more) worth of cooling capacity. And what is wrong with running the generator??? I would much rather run a generator than have $4000 worth of batteries and charging systems and monitoring systems and inverter systems and the space and weight they take up....I guess it would be MUCH more than $4000 now that I think about it. Oh must be a recovering sailboater....

I don't think it is a boat configuration issue. A mind configuration issue...maybe. I do know there are people that would rather sweat all night than run a generator. I am not one of those. I run mine with pride!!!! And comfort.

I remember a while back we did a little trip and anchored out. It was with my sailboat friends(I am a fully recovered sailboater. Unlike alcohol, you can fully recover from sailboaterism). There were 5 sailboats(without generators), and us in a trawler with one. We woke up the next day at the crack of 0900. I couldn't see out of the windows due to condensation so I walked out and all the sailboats were gone. They had been smoked out by the heat and humidity. We arose fresh and dry and enjoyed a nice breakfast and coffee.

Comfort is THE number one reason I went from sailboat to trawler. And by golly, I am gonna be comfortable!!!!

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Right so!

I remember water temps in the 90s in south Florida when I lived on my sailboat back in the 80s.

If I tried that now instead of when I was 25 and fresh out of flight school and spent every 3rd night on base in air I would live on a boat.

The Gulf Coast in late summer, early fall makes lower Florida look like Kodiak, AK in the summer.

My trawler reflects water temp a lot...warm water, warm boat, cool water, cool boat.

There is a several hour time lag when using A/C or heat...but certainly not all night.

Travelling during the winter months to Florida....the temps do average out a bit getter...but glad I am out of there before late June, July.

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