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RE: The Furuno rep laughed at me

My bet, other than the obvious extra dimensional haunting theory, is that what you are seeing is test code.* If it is a new chip, it has happened many times before that test routines are embedded, inadvertantly shipped with the finish code and for some reason you are displaying those routines.

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RE: The Furuno rep laughed at me

Both the furuno dealer and their tech support guy have said that the chip does not store any data. The chip was brand new, right out of the sealed pack. It was an older version and had to be backordered.

The first pic with max zoom for some reason doesn't show my marina, even tho it shows up ok in the next pic. I don't know why, but this seems unrelated to my multiple track problem.

My radar is connected to the chart plotter. Could the plotter be picking up tracks from the radar (also furuno). I don't know what other reason there is to have the radar and chart plotter connected?

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RE: The Furuno rep laughed at me

I'm not familiar with the Furuno you have. The 1734C/NT NavNet VX2 we have is a radar and a GPS plotter (it can also be a depth finder but we did not get it with that function). There is a black box you can buy for the NavNet that will overlay the radar onto the chart display. The black box tells the radar where north is--- that's the only way the two images can be superimposed accurately. If your radar can be superimposed onto your plotter display via one of these "black boxes" I suppose it's possible you could get random radar tracks if your radar has a track display feature. But your Furuno support people should know if this is even possible. Try disconnect the radar from the plotter and see if the tracks go away. My money is still on the plotter unit having an internal fault of some sort but there are plenty of variables here.
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RE: The Furuno rep laughed at me

An update:

It hasn't been great boating weather, but I did get to the boat last week and deleted all tracks again. I also changed the color of all the depth contour lines. It appears that 2 or maybe all 3 of the three automatic lines (less than 10', etc) were being drawn in the same color as the course track. That doesn't explain the apparent different slips in my marina, but it might explain the "tracks" to the marinas i have never visited. The area of the bay where I have been boating can be quite shallow, so there are "less than 10' ", "less than 20'" contour lines all over the place.

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