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Found a deal for prepping to cruise Florida

We are prepping for a Florida cruise this year so I wanted to get the latest and greatest charts. My timing seemed to be pretty perfect because the Navionics Platinum charts are on sale right now. I just got a new Platinum chip for $30 and not only that, they also have new aerial photos in Florida. Check out the before and after:



I've got some more before and after shots if you're thinking about getting a new Platinum chip and want more info.
I figured I'd share this info so everyone can take advantage of the updated charts while they are on sale.

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Pretty slick and for $30, wow.

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It looks to me that the sale is $30 off the normal price. Not $30 as the actual price. $30 would be a heck of a deal.
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Platinum Plus | Navionics

Where did you buy your Platinum chart chip for $30?
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Cool photos! I've been looking at upgrading my charts for this season and was looking at this Navionics promo for $30 off -- only have a few days left to decide though, since I think the deal ends at the end of the month. The 3D viewing on the charts is what caught my first it seemed like overkill but I think it could really come in handy when coming into new harbors/ports. Have you played around with that feature at all?
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I may be the minority, but to me I'd rather not be shown info I don't need. For example I don't need the picture of what land looks like from overhead. Can't use it. A brown blob with a mark for the tower or antenna I can reference is better for me.

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