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RE: EPIRB vs personal locator beacons

psneeld wrote:
*Absolutely sure...otherwise the rescuer's could waste a lot of time trying to find you without the homing signal.* Not all EPIRBs/PLBs have GPS.


Scott you are correct the PLB's do transmitt on 121.5 as well as 406. I called a local dealer to confirm.

The local dealer has the ACR Aqua-link + on sale for $260 with a $50 rebate. The cost to replace the battery on my EPIRB is $285.

The difference between an EPIRB and PLB is the size of the battery and the EPIRB's ability to right itself and transmitt when floating. Otherwise according to the dealer they are exactly the same.

I'm going to buy a PLB and keep the EPIRB, the battery still tests good.

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RE: EPIRB vs personal locator beacons

Well for me, I am going to go with an EPIRB w/GPS and a PLB on each Auto inflate lifevest which will be worn on each crossing. I also have a 6 man offshore liferaft with it's own EPIRB. It may sound like alot for short crossings to the Bahamas but I spent 22 years in the USN as a Rescue Swimmer and nothing is ever short when your floating around in the middle of anywhere. I usually carry doubles of everything when it comes to safety items and I probably have 3 extra sets of expired flares. (I've fired off flares that were 12 years old and they still work) I also have an 11 foot Achilles RHIB and a Carolina Skiff J12 that will be going with me. Redundancy is nice. Most people will think major overkill but I have 22 years of pulling people out of the water who THOUGHT THEY WERE PREPARED.

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RE: EPIRB vs personal locator beacons

There's nothing wrong with taking a 'belt and braces' approach, I say...

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