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My Raymaine e7D with Radaome on sale was the cheapest, best solution I could find at the time.

Snap to install and setup.

Wifi to my Samsung 10 inch pad was easy and has pretty much complete control of the MFD from anywhere on the boat. The MFD is at the lower control station (where I drive from most of the time).

Not sure what Garmin will or wont do over Raymarine, just saying what I did...and in my experience, I am partial to Raymarine RADAR.

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Originally Posted by N4712 View Post
Yes. But every Garmin plotter I've bought has came with free charts, even for the Bahamas.
They come loaded with free charts. But for the most detailed view you need to buy the chips.

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I am leaning towards the Raymarine a98 right now. For just under $1300 with C-map charts, it seems like the better value. I'll put it on the flybridge and use an iPad with the helm app in the pilothouse.

I'm going to pass on the radar for now since my old Raytheon is working just fine. But I want to add an AIS transceiver. Should I stick with the Raytheon class B transceiver or does someone have an idea for a cheaper/comparable alternative?


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As mentioned earlier I have a Garmin and Ray plotter, both are 1 gen old. In my experience both are good reliable units but the Garmin unit in my opinion is slightly more user friendly and Garmin PC interface is far more user friendly. The course line or route line is much easier to see on my Garmin unit. I've widen the course line on my Ray unit to the widest setting and imho it's still hard to see.

Since I do all my plotting on a PC the Garmin unit has become my primary nav device but it is possible to convert the routes to the Ray file protocol, so Ray can read them. The Ray software does do this but there is a bit of a learning curve. Also you will pay for the Ray software, Garmin's PC interface, Homeport is now free.

I got a good deal on the Ray unit because they were discontinuing the E90W series which doesn't have the lighthouse capability. I'm not unsatisfied with the Ray unit but everything being equal I would probably opt for the Garmin unit.

If radar is in your future, I have the Ray 18" closed array and am happy with it.

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