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Yes, they are the same in principle, but a relay is a light duty device for small loads, (I'd use them for stuff 10 amps or less) and wouldn't be the best choice for heaters, A/C units or microwaves. Contactors have contacts that can make and break thousands of times without getting stuck or causing problems.

12 VDC might be a problem, not sure about that.

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OK, I've found dozens like this. They're used on ATV winches for the reversing DC motors. But they're not rated for AC. Might work, but I'd want to see it in writing.

Then there's this one. It's got a 12V coil and it looks like it's rated for 30A at 240VAC. So in theory it would work, although it looks a little small to me. Not sure I'd want to push 30A (or even the 20A I need) through those small spade connectors.

And the big industrial ones seem overkill, and as you said don't typically come with 12VDC coils.

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The potter brumfield one with the spades for the mains would not be a good idea, you're right there. Those spades are never tight enough and made of thin metal that could get hot and burn..
The other says 'continuous duty' but winches are not ever run continuously.
I have confidence in those expensive industrial types, but these..
Not sure. I didn't see its rated voltage in the ad.
The 12 V is keeping you fenced in to automotive parts.
For $30, if it can handle 240 VAC, as a tech I might buy one and test it in the boat, keeping an eye on it closely.
I like it's terminals, anyway.

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