View Poll Results: What type of AIS do you have or plan to install?
My boat has AIS Class-A (transmit and receive) 3 4.23%
My boat has AIS Class-B (transmit and receive) 21 29.58%
My boat has receive-only AIS, and I do not want transmit capability 8 11.27%
My boat has receive-only AIS, and I want to add transmit capability 9 12.68%
I do not have AIS, but plan to add full AIS (transmit and receive) 11 15.49%
I do not have AIS, but plan to add receive-only AIS 8 11.27%
I have no plans for AIS 11 15.49%
Voters: 71. You may not vote on this poll

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I have a West Marine AIS 1000 class B transceiver NEMA 0183 connected to my Garmin network. Performs flawlessly.

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I have Coastal Explorer software with ICOM AIS (receive only). Direction and speed of travel vectors are displayed which is useful for identifying collision concerns, particularly in Active Pass with all the ferry traffic.

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We have about 60 votes, so let me summarize the results:

Of the people responding 59% already have some form of AIS installed, and 27% more plan to install it. Only 14% have no plans for AIS. I'd say that's a pretty high penetration rate already, and even higher if everyone planning installations follows through with them. Yet many people have observed that while boating, very few boats seem to broadcast AIS. Perhaps this says that among all kinds of boat owners, trawler owners are much more likely to have/want AIS that other types of boats? I'm not sure, but it's an impressive turn out.

Of the people with AIS, 59% have transmit/receive, and 41% have receive only. This is more transmit/receive than I expected, but still disappointing. Remember, all those receive-only devices are only useful if boats are transmitting too. Otherwise there is nothing to receive.

Of the people who currently have receive-only AIS, 60% of them say they plan to upgrade to transmit/receive. Power to you! The bigger the pool the better.

Of the people planning to add some kind of AIS, 59% plan transmit/receive, and 41% plan receive-only. Interestingly, this is exactly the same percentage as those currently with receive-only vs transmit/receive. So it looks like a pretty consistent trend in the percentage of people in the transmit/don't transmit camps. Hopefully all the people who install receive-only will get hooked and join the pool of people planning to upgrade.

Oh, one other thing. Only about 5% of the installed AIS systems are Class A. All others are Class B or receive-only (which technically has no classification at all).

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