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The Garmin Blue Chart App for iPad does not have bridge and overhead wire clearances built in. After several emails back and forth, the folks at Garmin said it was not technically possible the add the info (funny), then in a later email they said Garmin decided not to add it.

You can get the clearance info if you add the Active Captain Hazards Info, but I'm not sure if that data is stored on your tablet or comes from the Internet each time you check it.

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Originally Posted by neworleansrich View Post
You can get the clearance info if you add the Active Captain Hazards Info, but I'm not sure if that data is stored on your tablet or comes from the Internet each time you check it.
It is stored offline - no internet connection is needed.

Every product that licenses ActiveCaptain data today stores the data offline and no internet connection is needed once it is downloaded. When an internet connection is available, you can synchronize the data, downloading just what has changed.

I'm not sure where the idea came from that ActiveCaptain data requires a live connection to view the data. Except for the website which is obviously online (and only used for 20% of the use today), everything is always offline.

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Originally Posted by Jeffrey S View Post
I'm in a unique place to comment on that as it relates to charts. For 7 years, I've been the one validating every hazard marker in ActiveCaptain. We get about 15 new ones every day of the week on average.

Removing electronics altogether would force the skipper to use the aids much more and probably pay a lot more attention to their position from them. Still, electronics allow a lot more normal people to get out on the water in a safe way and surely produce fewer accidents per community mile than in the pre-electronics days where schooner sinkings were run-of-the-mill.
Very well said as I play with all the things available at first I feel I am lost with the new things like AC but each time i use them I learn a little more

For someone like me being out of boating for a few years (large boats) at first crippled me in a few areas but I am slowly catching back a few skills.

We are living on the boat 5-6 months out of the year and try to take the boat out at least 3 times a week

The few AC discussions are already helping a bit

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