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We have a Grand Banks 36 and a few years ago changed all the bulbs and fixtures to LED' s ,from the holy place to the top of the mast, and have not regretted the move. We researched and settled on a place called They were vey helpful, informative and the prices are attractive.

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Originally Posted by meridian View Post
I purchased a 5 meter roll of led lights for $6 of of eBay , took the guts out of my fluorescent fixtures, cut the LEDs to length and soldered them in. Twice as bright. Took 10 minutes per fixture. If you want real bright just double or triple up the strips.

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I did the same on our RV but have had bad experience over time... they seem to dim.. not completely burn out...from what I've read I believe it's due to hi voltage during charging...same experience w cheap G4 bulb replacement on the boat..they start to flicker after awhile.

Latest attempt are some G4 LED's from Super Bright.. they said 14V should not be a far they are OK

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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
I screwed around with a variety of LEDs for our big 'ol Hatt. Cheap at first is not cheap in the long run nor easy on the eyes. I finally settled on Marinebeam for all boat LED needs, inside and out. High quality, constant current devices optimized for boat electrical systems and the marine environment. Great and knowledgeable before and after the sale service. Lot's of cool stuff for boaters including what may be the world's greatest flashlights.

Marine LED Lights for Your Boat | Marinebeam
nice place, except I foresee lots of my money dropped there.
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Changing over to LEDs was one of the best improvements for my boat's power budget. The photosensor LED Davis mastlight gets flipped on when I leave the dock for anchoring and stays on until I'm returning home. The light turns on and off automatically, burns less than 0.1A and is the brightest in the anchorage. My interior LED conversions have alleviated concern for always turning off a light when leaving the cabin.

The other huge improvement to the power budget is from my NovaKool fridge, but that's for another thread.

I've been swinging on the hook for 5 nights and last night I went to sleep with 90% SOC. This morning I woke to 85% on a 620 AH bank. Electrically, life is good!

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