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Better Living thru Chemistry?

With a dumpster at hand I'm finally cleaning out a garage.

Came across a box 100? 150? of brand new military grey flashlights.Circa 1960-1970

These are the ones with extra lenses and even a spare bulb in its holder.

Problem is its about 30 years since selling them at the NY Boat show , and their all brass internal parts need a cleaning.

On some just putting in batteries , and it works fine.

Others need a bit of bronze wool touched to the bulb holder or battery spring.

Anyone think pouring CLR or some other chemical might work as a rapid way to clean them?

They will make great Xmas presents , IF I can get them all to work easily.


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Archoil 5100 at
I use several products from Archoil, 5100 dissolves rust/corrosion from many metals. I haven't used it much on brass, but extensively on steel. It eats rust but leaves clean base metal looking like light sand blasting. On the copper and brass it seems to dissolve the corrosion leaving pits, but clean shiny surfaces aren't harmed.
I found this because I was using their fuel treatment in my Ford diesel pickup and now routinely get 25 mpg. I just started using it in the boat, but looks like 5% better fuel economy, better cold weather starts.

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Give DeoxIT a try. It will do exactly what you want. Here is a PDF with a more complete description. I have used it for years around boats and aircraft.
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Now you got poor old FF's head spinning. A tyranny of choice...
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Hmmm...the title of the thread suggested something else...
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I'm going to start with CLR , I have it alresdy.

Just thought someone might have tried some majic product for cleaning brass or perhaps home silverware .

IF CLR doesn't cut it I will order some of the deoxit stuff on line.

Just hoped there might be a quickie at the local hardware store

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