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I'm not a computer nerdy or fussy user, and I don't like too much information, but I do like multipurpose, light, and quick, so I have been very impressed by Navionics on my iPad, with built in GPS, and never cease to be amazed how quick it gets its fixes etc. Nice and light to take upstairs, or muck around on route planning downstairs, and it does not need to be plugged into charge all the time. I would never bother carting a much heavier laptop around the boat, and I can still access my email & the internet, (using the simcard and cellular network if no wi-fi nearby), and read my iBooks on it. The perfect back-up to my main GPS.

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Originally Posted by mattkab View Post
Many people have already mentioned OpenCPN... I find it to be fantastic.

I've been running it on a Raspberry Pi for a few months, and it works fine -- but I have some additional plans (autopilot, AIS) and the Rpi is simply too low-powered for that. As a straight chartplotter, though, I think it's fine.

This past weekend I got it up and running in a long afternoon on a CubieTruck (another small single-board computer but more powerful). I'll write up those steps too.

I have been using a BU-353 GPS puck with it, and have never had a problem with it dropping. In fact I had it running for about 6 hours on Sunday while we did some woodwork, and it was still holding a fix when I shut down. Not saying there isn't a bug, just saying I haven't seen it.

As a software engineer, I also like that I can write plugins for it and expand the capabilities -- I haven't completely finished them, but I wrote two plugins for it already, and will probably write more.
Awesome.I thought I was the only one that played with a Raspberry Pi.Cool little computer.I'm planning an intergrated carputer in my Blue Max Cougar and seeing that cubietruck,I may go that way instead.


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