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Battery hydration systems?

Anyone have experience with the automatic battery hydration systems offered by ? Looks like a good idea for large lead acid banks...if it works...

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I don't have any experience with that system, but I do use Flow-rite's Pro-fill system for a bank of 6 6 volt batteries -- it uses a squeeze bulb and float-controlled battery caps. It is easy and fast, I add a few ounces at the most every month, and don't worry about spillage or acid splashes.

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Heavy watering is only required for a heavily used , discharged then charged battset or for an over voltage charger that should be replaced.

For most cruising Hydrocaps are a simple solution IF there is room for the devices.

Hydrocap | Information‎
More Information. image. Do you need Hydrocaps? HYDROCAPS are a must for lead-acid battery users. Just look at the increased safety, reduced maintenance, ...

Things that Work! Home Power tests the Hydrocaps One of the perpetual chores in home power systems is watering the batteries. These large lead-acid cells ...
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The last 2 summers we have cruised 2200 and 1600 miles respectively. I check my batteries about once a week and have only had to add water twice. One bank is 4 6 v golf carts and one bank is 2 grp 31s and an 8D.
For me that would not justify adding complexity.
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I'm also in the no-frills camp with this. I prefer to have to check the batteries every week or so. Systems to hide the maintenance often hide developing problems.

One 8D of our bowthruster bank started losing more water than normal so I started watching it. Two weeks later, it wouldn't come up to charge and started getting hot. I wonder if I would have missed that if I didn't check them manually.
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Hydration Systems aren't for everyone. Those that routinely check their batteries tend not to have problems. The problem is with the majority that don't routinely check them because it's yoo much trouble.

The advantage of a hydration system is that it takes mere minutes to keep your batteries in top top shape.

By monitoring the amount of water your batteries take, you can spot problems with your DC system. It's a chore that needs to be done but nobody wants to do. A Battery Hydration System makes it easy to do the right thing.
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The depth of discharge , and the rate of recharge will determine water use.

For folks that do not use the batts full capacity , constant watering is not required.

The older batts get , the more charge they need ,(internal losses) so near end of life they may get thirsty , even doing nothing dockside .

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