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After running the remainder of June, all of July, and 20 days in August, I can pretty much say the problem was all the parallel relationships between the battery banks. Now the Balmar and Link 2000 agree to within 1-2% and the SOC is consistent with the estimated amps consumed over time. I think the batteries are good, just poorly wired in the beginning. Power on boat is part of a system, not a collection of independent connections.

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". Voltage measurements are highly misleading."

Actually the SOC meter compares Voltage and charge/discharge Amperage (thats why the shunt) with a learned history to give a very accurate picture of the SOC.

Modern batt practice is to overcharge LA batts a bit each charge , which will not be recorded.

For below deck mounting,
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Help! We have 4 x 2 year old glass mat house batteries and a link 2000 heart interface charging system all of a sudden after fully charging during the day and volts showing 13-14 as soon as it gets dark the volts drop to 10.5 and we have to put on engine or generator. We have checked batteries individually and each has charged ok and the link isn't showing low battery. We have plenty of solar panels and a wind generator. Any ideas? Should we do a factory reset? Where is the microprocessor? We live aboard and it's crucial we fix this!
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Is your 110V service to the battery charger consistent? What happens at dark in your marina? Do nearby lights illuminate at sunset?
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Battery Bank Question

If your batteries are dropping to 10.8v when you remove the solar and other charge sources, then your batteries would appear to be shot. But as flywright says, if this is happening when you are plugged into dock power, then it would seem your charger is shot.

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