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RE: Anyone use SSB or HAM radio HF aboard?

7tiger7 wrote:Where is this blue wire?
*There isn't a "blue wire" there are 2 diodes that can be clipped to open the bands and getting at them is not trivial.

Transmitting on a marine mf/hf frequency with an amateur transmitter is illegal except in an emergency.

Most marine radio comms are on ITU channels,*the vast majority of which are duplex channels so be prepared to do some serious knob twisting to program the channel splits on the 735 because*you can't turn a knob fast enough to*communicate with anyone otherwise. And don't expect an untrained*passenger to be able to use that radio to call for help if you can't.*



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RE: Anyone use SSB or HAM radio HF aboard?

The IC 720A with its companion AT 500 antenna tuner has dual frequency ,Duplex ability right out of the box.

Some knowledge would be required to tune in the send and receive frequency to contact the phone service.

But then some knowledge is required to use the head.

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