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Anchor light with round base

Does anyone have any idea where to find a Anchor light.
6-8 inches tall with a round base. I see the two hole type all the time, but would like to replace with stock light base.
1988 Bertram 33.

Any ideas please.

Thank you

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A little taller... 11 inches but you might be able to cut it down. I have one that's only about 6 inches tall not sure if it was cut down or came that way.

Perko all around white light...
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If you don't need an absolute match to the OEM Bertram unit then can you get one made to match the mounting holes, look very similar to the original and give you the height you want.

I wasn't matching anything but made my own mount many years ago out of SS, 304 tubing and 316 sheet. Although it wasn't perfect nobody else has ever noticed or was to polite to point.
Ground the welds, and then electropolished it. It looks good. Now over 25 yrs.

A decent SS fabricator should be able to do it in a few hours. No idea of cost though.

Do a rough sketch and ask. Any friends that can at least cut and make the pieces?. Then the welder only has to weld it.
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Perko has a commercial line of gear for larger boats . Far better construction than the cheap outboard line.

Perhaps googling for a 5 mile anchor light? Or vessel over 20meters?
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