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Originally Posted by lwilham View Post
Thanks for all the replies. We have numerous handheld GPS nav tools, so the navigation isnít the issue, its that all the stuff went down at once. New boat for us, and about half the systems are head scratchers (no redundancy if they all feed from the same unit, etc.). Could be the damned bananas on the boat too...
It's not the bananas.

Several months ago, I had something similar happen, twice in one day. All my electronics reset at once. They came back on, and were fine after that.

Fast forward several months. My inverter was acting up - acting like it didn't have enough power in the 12V house bank to make AC power, even for small things. I called Magnum, they said to check all the cables between the batteries and the inverter. Guess what? The main cable connecting my house bank to the positive buss (from which EVERYTHING gets its 12V power) had a bad crimp at the battery end, and showed evidence of having been burnt / melted at some point in the past. It was definitely warmer than anything else in the vicinity.

I replaced that cable and the inverter issue went away. And then I remembered the total electronics shutdown from several months before, and wondered if the incident that causes the cable to burn could have caused the shutdown, too. So, it's worth looking at all of your battery cables, from battery to battery, and from the bank to all other busses. Also, the wire (cable) that provides power to the breaker(s) that control your electronics.

Now, if the issue was simply that you lost all of your GPS signals, but the screens never went off.... nevermind!

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Originally Posted by lwilham View Post
I posted this over at AGLCA too...

Had a weird glitch yesterday, and lost all my systems at once. Running from the flybridge and my Furuno GPS unit, which we were using for depth and speed went black. Went into pilothouse, and my Garmin 6212 had stopped navigating and my identical Furuno down there also not working. I have an older Furuno unit down there as well, it would power on, but no GPS data. Also noticed my GPS info on my VHF not working.

On my last boat I carried a backup GPS + a sextant + a backup plastic sextant in the abandon ship bag. Had full-size, plus book charts & cruising guides of all areas. Assume I will rig a similar setup, though updated, in the next boat. Last I heard, airline pilots also carry sextants.

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Originally Posted by Imp View Post
.. Last I heard, airline pilots also carry sextants.
WWII army air corp A10 sextant.

Not sure about modern times though..
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Thanks again for all the replies. Looks like I'll start tracing down all the power issues when I get back on the boat next month. The learning curve is pretty steep right now. Once we move onboard full time, I hope to be able to slow down and think through things more deliberately...

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