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I don't think they make the Autogen anymore but doesn't Victron or somebody still make a cruising gen?

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Originally Posted by henryj2 View Post
When underway on a 2 engine trawler shouldn't there be some ac power available?
What are you really asking?

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mmm Interesting

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Originally Posted by Alaskan Sea-Duction View Post
I like it...anyone using one?
I'd like to live like a poor man....only with lots of money
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My GUESS would be the 3600 RPM is the desired drive speed , so would be fine with a 2x1 belt setup for a cruise at 1800.

Only question might be what max speed the unit could stand if the engine were used at higher speeds.

Probably not a problem as its a car device.

The older units were VERY rotating speed sensitive to produce 60cps , I wonder how this does ?
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Originally Posted by Alaskan Sea-Duction View Post
Interesting, yes, but what is the idea here? On a single engine boat is the concept to replace the alternator with a generator or add additional brackets, belts and pulleys to the engine to drive both an alternator and a generator? What about the additional load on the engine from driving both while underway?

Say you add this generator to your boat, you would have 110v power while underway but when you anchor, you still need the inverter and/or a standalone generator. So, in most cases your can't cut the inverter or the genny out of the loop. What is the big advantage of an engine mounted generator?
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Aura has another solution for marine service that is used in USCG and USN small craft applications. Operates at all engine speeds above the minimum required for the AC load.

Aura Systems Inc - AUSI
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I had a 4kw main engine driven AC generator on Volunteer, it had a adjustable clutch and I could manually adjust the HZ at the helm depending on engine rpm. It was sort of a pain but while cruising it worked rather well once set. I ran electric heaters with it for the cabins. It was belted to a rather large pulley on the crank and was absolutely silent during operation. The John Deere also had a 200a Leese Nevell alternator on the opposite side. The entire system was "engineered" by the builder of the boat and in 9 years only needed one belt change

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Guys, The way I see it is the days of having a cruise AC generator tied to the engine is over.

As others have indicated having to run at a very specific RPM limits their usefulness.

With technology putting a 3KW pure sine wave inverter at less than $2K, I see more of a need for a large DC alternator, which is more useful and doesn't have specific RPM operating requirements.
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"I see more of a need for a large DC alternator being much more useful.

No problem , a rebuilt 50DN will do it in 12v or 24v"

Rebuilt are excellent value.

50DN Alternator Story - Home

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