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It is normal that liquid pumps push better than they pull.

The use of a rubber bulb is a far better idea than any electric pump if needed before a filter bank.

The electric pump can easily mix any water with the fuel making the filters work much harder.

The rubber hand pump will do less shredding and mixing , so is probably a better installation, although an electric pump would be fine if pulling rather than pushing.

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Originally Posted by dhays View Post
You are correct. However, if I were to open up the fuel lines ahead of the filters in order to install the squeeze bulb, I would end up making a mess. I'm not a very accomplished mechanic and can find new and interesting ways to make a mess of things.
Isnít there a shutoff valve at the tank?
In most usual circumstances, you will only be dealing with a cup full or so of diesel fuel. Cover the area with oil absorbent diapers and get a catch container handy and do it. Spray som Fabreeze when youíre done!
A squeeze bulb is incredibly simple and effective, gives much better control than a motorized pump when performing potentially messy tasks like topping off a Racor.

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Is it OK to use nylon hose barbs in my fuel filtering system? I'm having a hard time finding brass 3/8 inch, ID, 90's??
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Originally Posted by CaptFun6068 View Post
Is it OK to use nylon hose barbs in my fuel filtering system? I'm having a hard time finding brass 3/8 inch, ID, 90's??
Not sure of the fitting you are searching for but here great chance you will find

Also instead using barb why not to get hose made with flare or JIC fittings?

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Wait till the "brass doesn't belong on a boat" police wake up.....
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Seaboard has many good ideas and products

Here are two racor 1000s with switch on a mainship
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Originally Posted by Autoteacher View Post
Seaboard has many good ideas and products

Here are two racor 1000s with switch on a mainship
There are unlimited different ways of filtering fuel but I think Tony is right on the money with his simple but effective approach and using a minimum of 3 stages with progressively finer filter media ending up at 2-5 microns. There is not a lot wrong with a $3000 Racor or Reverso pre made system but you can end up with a better system that can fit a smaller space for a few hundred with some thought and work. My 40 year old Farrel 40' has a 120 HP Mitsubishi 6D14 and 2 250 gallon fuel tanks. No water in the sumps and decently clean fuel but I wanted to design a fuel polishing system that gives me the ability to completely empty one tank and filter it into the other tank when the fuel level is below 1/2. With 2 ball valves on a T I can select the source and with a $150 Stewart Warner 60 gph pump I can draw all the fuel through a common and cheap Fleetguard FS1212 as a 20 micron pre filter, then through a Racor 900 with 10 micron water repelling element, and finally after the pump, through a huge Cat 26 gpm, 5 micron 1R 0755 with hand primer pump that I was given. These are used on 3512 and 16s in 3-400 ton rock trucks with 2-3000 hp. With a selector valve after the 755, I can return to tank(s) or pressure feed to the engine filters as an alternate source and to bleed engine filters. I have a 3 way switch to be able to turn the pump on/off in the er or the helm as well as a master at the helm. The pressure gauge after the pump and before the 755 shows 4-5 psi so if the pre filters are plugging, pressure drops, and if pressure rises, the 755 must be plugging. The whole system, including new 1R0749 Cat 2 micron final engine filter (which is used on most Cat truck engines and lots of Cat equipment and available everywhere as well as in other brands), cost about $300 plus some hose and fittings for a system that gives me lots of filter capacity and lots of options when underway. The filter bases are from NAPA for about $25 with one inch and 14 tpi. I will still add a second remote pressure gauge to watch filter condition while underway. Tony's suggestion of a mechanical timer on the circulating pump is very good too.

If anyone wants pics or info I will email from my phone
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Originally Posted by dhays View Post
Makes sense. Mine is pretty simple, but I added labels as well. Iíve been known to make mistakes when distracted.

Havenít we all. Simple and well labeled. As a pilot how many have feathered the wrong engine at the most inopportune time. The silence is incredible.
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Old style RACOR parallel Fuel Filters work great

These old style RACORS that are not the single handle new style, but use 4 ball valves can be had as used items at various marine consignment stores for a reasonable cost & work astonishingly well.

The filters are in PARALLEL - not series.

Good luck.

Alfa Mike
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Originally Posted by Heron View Post
I'm running progressive filters. A 27 micron big Fleetguard into a 10 micron Racor and on to a 2 Micron engine filter (with an Aux 10 micron Sierra for the cleaning cycle) When I re-did the system last year I added in a Pass thru style Walbro Pump and a 3 way valve so I can clean/polish, or shift fuel from tank to tank. Works great and less than $200 for all the hardware..

Nice setup. I want to replace my whole system. This seems like a great idea for my boat.

Why did you add the Sierra instead of using the Racor when polishing?
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Thank you, Thank you, one and all. I made a portable system that I hook-up when I'm at the boat and a permanent pair of racors mounted to a bulkhead at the base of the stairs. If you remember my original issue, I had to lay over the motor in order to reach the single filter.
The portable system is mounted to starboard with a HD diesel fuel pump. I've used the portable system on my fuel storage at home. Very cool idea, well worth the effort. The "Forum" is the place to go.

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