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RE: Winter Cruising to Ketchikan AK

Yes,Metal boats always look terrible in strong cross lighting. Fortunately strong cross lighting is not frequently in effect. Yes. Old destroyers are very "skinny dogs". Some badly made FG boats show that they are not fair either. The fairest of all boats are wood.

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RE: Winter Cruising to Ketchikan AK

Lest anyone get the wrong idea, that graphics expert is Marin, not me!

Here's another example of some washboarding, this time it is on a brand new very very expensive yacht from one of the world's most highly regarded builders. I have no idea how this happened and how it was ever accepted by the project manager or the owner.
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RE: Winter Cruising to Ketchikan AK

Meanwhile, back to winter cruising ...

Eric, do you still use the Webasto heater?* Are you satisfied or do you think there are better solutions?
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RE: Winter Cruising to Ketchikan AK

Mark,I don't know what I should say to "better solutions". The only others I can think of is a diesel heating/cook stove or a Wallace stove. We looked at the Wallace and decided it would be weak and slow on cooking and inadequate for heat up north. The big draw for the Wallace furnace is it's quietness. Some people object to the noise of the Espar/Wabasto but we don't have a problem with it. Especially with the installation on the Willard * *'s not in the lazerette but close (in the aft hold). Maintiance wise it's been wonderful for us but if we let it sit for a month or so it needs to go through the start cycle at least twice. It's best to have it's own dedicated fuel supply directly to the fuel tank(s) or have it's own day tank. Per our experience * * ...decide what size you need/want and buy the next size up. Kinda like anchors. I think the best thing about the Wabasto is setting the thermostat just like at home in your house and sleeping all night at whatever temperature you want. We also use ours underway a lot. Don't even know it's on. Then I go out on deck and say to myself "it's cool out here * ...I must have the heater on". We also have a bus/Red Dot heater but seldom use it as it makes too much noise. Fan. In the winter (or up here late fall (like now) to mid spring) I'd prefer a diesel stove like the Dickenson. Almost ALL fish boats have them but run one in late spring up here (mid May) to mid October will run you out of the boat. I have a Sigmar (not yet installed) 10x10x30" bulkhead mounted diesel stove (17 K btu), the Wabasto and the bus heater to be used as needed. Some people like the hot water version of the Wabasto is better but we find we frequently want instant heat and forced air delivers.
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Manyboats- Greetings, As a recent member after 'lurking' for looking for information on specific subjects, I had noticed your many post and that you live next door in Thorne Bay. I believe I have viewed your Willard in Ketchikan in the past.

For the past 14 years we owned a 30 foot converted tug called the "Tenacious" constructed by Monson Boat Yard on Lake Union in 1960. It has a bright yellow cabin top color, white house/hull. You may have seen it during your trips to Ketchikan. Our stall in directly behind the VFW Hall in North Bar Harbor It is wood and in wonderful condition for it's 50 years of age. However, at 75, it was time to take the plunge and go 'plastic'. Hence my intial post concerning our new/used (1978) replacement, a Marben 27 foot pocket trawler.

The main use of for both of these boats is that of a water 'Golf Cart' as I travel back and forth to Wrangell at least 6-8 times each spring/summer/fall to participate with golf.(You were aware that Wrangell has a beautiful 9 hole course, right?)

You can imagine the number of times that your voyage to Ketchikan related in the winter story is a common occurrence and duplicated with that many trips by myself past Cammano each year!!!
You most likely agree that the best traveling weather in Clarence Strait is around 4;AM, which is when I depart Ketchikan. This gives me approxmately 5 hours to slide around Meyers Chuck and into Ernest Sound where the chance of smooth water increases. Now, on the return trip I depart Wrangell around noon with the intent of making Meyers Chuck for the night and then depart the Chuck at 4AM for, hopefully a calm run past Cammano.
As I age and make this trip, as you witness, the dark line on the horizen near Cammano has me making a phone call to the wife and a turnabout for the Chuck!!! Live to challenge another day.
My next trip will be mid July for the Alaska Air Line tournment (Tickets any place they fly as prizes!!)
Maybe you can help with a challenge. What in the hell is with the tide flow in Clarance? In all the years I have boated the straits the flood and ebb seem to be in direct opposit of tide protacol. When the flood is anticipated, it is ebbing and vise-versa. Do you have a handle on this or do what I end up doing, dodging into each and every shoreline bite to avoid the tide or running mid channel with the flood that isn't suppose to be there.. What fun!

I notice that you reference Craig quite often. Had you heard of the City of Wrangell's recent development of a first class haul out? I have used it as well as the local boat yard, both are first class in service and condition.
The City is in the process of up grading to a 200 ton lift, it may be more. just to give you an idea of the scope of the operation. Yet, little guys like us are welcome.

If I can, I will go find the golf course site and add it here on another post. Okay,with an edit I will add the site:

Will keep an eagle eye open as I travel the Straits in the Thorne Bay vista.
A.M.(Al) Johnson
27 foot Marben- "Hapi"
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Every US Navy destroyer or destroyer escort I have ever seen shows the frames in exactly the same way. I always assumed that was a sign of age, and heavy usage. I think the bow area is heavily re-inforced and has a watertight bulkhead ahead of the living spaces. The aircraft carrier I was on was double hulled, but did not show the frames through the hull.

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alaska, ketchikan

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