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RE: Searching for the 'Perfect' Loop Boat...

Funny - you say that (about the difficulty building up the freeboard), that was one of my very first thoughts - of course - having messed some with epoxy fiberglass marine ply and planking, makes me cocky that I can handle more than I may be able to; The interesting thing to me is, that despite all the choices out there - and I immediately concede that there are some phenomenal designs available if you have deep pockets - choices are somewhat limited for the impending wave of Boomer retirees who want to take the family pet along and have their kids and grandkids come visit periodically along the way... Perhaps a business opportunity?

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RE: Searching for the 'Perfect' Loop Boat...

I will still take you back to the Carvers. Those satisfy your criteria best. I don't care what Pascoe says. You are not crossing any oceans. That, or relax your criteria a bit. You mention something about the Mainship 430s and aft cabin access. I know this is not a good reason...but nobody uses the aft cabin companionway on trunk cabin trawlers. Anyway, I know that is not a good reason. You can get the dog aboard and just walk him down the side deck to the side door....should be quite easy for you and the dog.

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RE: Searching for the 'Perfect' Loop Boat...

WE purchased and outfitted LUCY specially as a loop boat.

Tho were sailors at heart the concept of running 50++ locks in a 33 ft boat with a 50 ft mast on deck was not considered as a "fun trip".

LUCY is a 50 ft US Navy Utility, with a lobster boat deck house.

Set up to cruise 2 it has only what we need.

I lived aboard (working years) for 22+ years and so avoid docks and prefer the hook.

A huge commercial rub rail , and a robust mid-ship cleat (P&S) and a hyd windlass was installed.

As was a Robertson commercial grade auto pilot.

Propane range with oven and propane fridge freezer allows unlimited time with no noisemaker , or dead batts. Dickinson oil range for cool days.

For the Canadians we installed a waste tank and pump out setup.

For out of service time a 75W solar with charge controller keeps up the batt set.

Total investment about $50K .

Of course some folks would question a 50 ft boat set up for 2 , but they haven't been on the huge couch in the PH , or under the 10x10 awning on a 15 ft after deck.

Sorry ,no acres of teak
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Searching for the 'Perfect' Loop Boat...

I LOVE LUCY Fred. Ha Ha*I think I asked for pics a long time ago *
Well if youv'e got more I'd like to see.
Have you ever heard them called "Personnel Boats"?
Cruise for two * * .....I like it.
I can almost recall your bow cockpit and anchor gear.
I worked at Uniflite in the early 70s * * *...we built those , 33 , 40 and 50'.
It's really no different than a Skeg Built Lobster boat * * ...right.
Also it's not much different than a Krogen Express.

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RE: Searching for the 'Perfect' Loop Boat...

Walk the docks around the St Louis marinas (in St Charles actually) and you will see the perfect loop boats. Probably 30 different ones in fact. Or Traverse City, or Kentucky Lakes etc. The point being, almost any kind of vessel can do the loop, it depends on your budget, *HOW you want to do it and with what baggage.

Me, I'd do it in a 31'*Formula so I could move fast when needed and ski when the weather is nice. If I had schedule and guests as a priority I'd do it in a Formula 37. Because of wanting to beach in the 1800 miles of rivers, I/O is my choice. And I'd leave the dogs and cats at home.

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