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RE: Real boaters

A year or so after we bought our Arima fishing boat we took it to Ucluelet and spent a week halibut fishing on the bank offshore.* When the weather wasn't great we fished behind the islands off the* mouth of the inlet.* On a couple of occasions when we were fishing "inside" we were passed by the Lady Rose on her way to or from Port Alberni.* Cool boat, sorry to hear she's been taken off the run.

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Real boaters

I am preparing for a memorial service for my mom and dad, so I been going though old picture and documents.* There is a picture of my mom and dad standing on the bow of the Prince George.* Copy of a historic picture from the Ocean Falls historical.** I remember being on the ship with my mother as she got sea sick most of the time.*

<table class="MsoNormalTable" style="width:100%;" border="0" cellpadding="0"><tbody><tr style="height:15.75pt;"><td style="background-color:transparent;width:100%;height:15.75pt;border :#ece9d8;" width="100%">Prince George Ship Fire
</td></tr><tr><td style="background-color:transparent;border:#ece9d8;">1945 September Pacific Ocean, Alaska, off Ketchikan: Canadian National steamship "Prince George" caught fire after a fuel tank explosion in the engine room and burned out; all passengers were safely evacuated; 1 crew member died



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RE: Real boaters

I have almost certainly been a passenger on the Prince George. My mother went from Juneau to Seattle and back on Alaska Steam every year in the early 40s and I always went with her. The other mothers were appalled that mom would let me have the run of the ship and no misfortune ever befell me in my many adventures on the ships. So it seems I was an early bloomer regarding my adventurous side.
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RE: Real boaters

The ethnic isn't lost. It is there when needed.

I read about a kid ( a few years ago) that rowed from Sitka to Seattle to enroll in collage. It was the only way he could get there. No choice. That is the ethnic you are thinking is lost.
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RE: Real boaters

"That is the ethnic you are thinking is lost."


One out of 100,000*is not quite a majority. I*work 2 weeks full time offshore only to get off for 2 weeks *and work full time in my woodworking business. Both full time jobs*are labor intensive. I don't have the authority to fire a whole crew offshore but in my shop, I sure do. One month ago I fired the last of my employees. I just got tired of paying people to watch me work. Now it's just old me and*wife. we are making more*money doing less. My time is now spent restoring antiques and designing and build furniture and not chasing people around the shop to do the restoration work and building.

Typical short interview.....

Me: "I don't allow cell phones*in the shop. You can go outside anytime you want and check your messages but just not in here"

Potential Employee: " Man, I'm sorry, but I got to stay*in touch"

Me: "Get the***** out of here and don't come back. Now you can stay in touch all you want". ********

This is not the one out of 100,000. This is the norm.


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