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City: Puerto Montt
Country: Chile
Vessel Name: Steel Magnolia
Vessel Model: Fairmile 76 Motor Yacht
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Hi need some help

We will be departing on October from Galveston to Puerto Montt Chile by way of Panama Canal. Should be 5,000 nautical miles and 30 days, maybe? on a 76 foot Fairmile trawler twin screw

I would appriciate all the help I can get in getting the boat ready, by this I mean not forgetting anything, if some one has a blue water checklist would be of greate help.

Planing to stop at Cozumel, Panama and Galapagos, any sugestions of must see places.

Recommended food and supplys, must have items that have worked for you to that no one tells you about, until it i to late, learning by good old experience is what I am trying to prevent on this trip, there will be plenty, I know.

I have been a pilot most of my life and had many small boats up to 50 feet but stayed close to shore, no high seas, I am new at this blue water boating experience even though have gone arround the world as crew in a four mast schooner does not mean I know what a yacht is all about or crusing the high seas would be like in a small power boat or yacht.

Books or information reference that could help would be greate

Looking forward to new friends and all the help I can get.

Thanks again for all the help and advice you can give me.


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City: Whittier AK
Country: USA
Vessel Name: Apache II
Vessel Model: 1974 Donald Jones
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Lawyers Guns and money.

Seriously. I don't think you have given enough information.

Questions come to mind like how long have you had the boat.

How big is the crew?

Is she captained or will you be the skipper.

The logistics can get pretty complicated when embarking on an excision of which you speak.

You will want spare parts that is for sure.
Hoses, belts, filters . oil, tools. A mechanic.
In that part of the world a first class first aid kit for sure.

The list will go on and on.
Keep asking questions and fair weather to you.


If you can't repair it maybe it shouldn't be on the boat
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City: Everett Wa
Country: US
Vessel Name: Eagle
Vessel Model: Roughwater 58 pilot house
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For the first leg might want to hire a captain to go thru and get the boat ready. What you have to take along depends on the distance between ports and what is available along the way. Its probable going to take longer than 30 days. Going thru the panama canal can take two weeks and 5000 miles at 10 knt is 500 hours 20+ days 24/7 which you will not due. more like 60+ days.
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City: Thibodaux, Louisiana
Country: USA
Vessel Name: Gumbo
Vessel Model: 2003 Monk 36
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Check out this site they may have useful information for you. Lots of sailing info but they do have a Voyaging unde power tab. Ocean Navigator: Marine Navigation and Ocean Voyaging Resources I have seen their magazine in book stores and West Marine. Search around the internet there are plenty of websites and blogs of people doing offshore cruising.
Check out the book Voyaging Under Power Voyaging Under Power eBook: Robert Beebe, James Leishman: Kindle Store
Good luck ! Please keep us posted
Steve W.
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<and Galapagos,>

Prior permission required.
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