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RE: cruise last Sunday

Pineapple Girl wrote:

Moonstruck wrote:

Pineapple Girl wrote:

*Per wrote:
btw, i cant help wondering if your boat looks a little nose heavy in this shot?

*Nah that is just her "interesting" (?) or perhaps "unusual" (?) lines.*
Most trips out we*spend*a few minutes at WOT to blow out the gunk or some such technical stuff that my DH understands and I do not.* That particularly day we hit 13.1.* On another day with two ppl on board we hit 15.1.***

ok, funny story, on the sea trial, the broker and the PO were down below and my DH was driving*above.**The PO told the broker we were going 16 knots.* The broker*asked the PO where he was seeing that speed.* The PO gestured to the VHF, "see, 16 knots".*

EDIT: I JUST realized this is why the PO had told the broker the boat cruised at 16 knots!* LOL.

-- Edited by Pineapple Girl on Thursday 3rd of February 2011 04:12:43 PM
Jennifer, the speed explains the bow shape.* Probably a sharp forefoot and flatter sections*aft.* To reach that speed the bow should rise.

Love the 16 knot speed story.


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RE: cruise last Sunday

JohnP wrote:

PG- Who took the photograph?

Another boat or from land?

Looks very nice.* JohnP
Hey John, it was a friend going to the same place on his power cat.* thanks!


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RE: cruise last Sunday

Gosh, seeing that photo reminds me of one of the few reasons I miss the Bay Area, thanks.* One of the very few...............................Arctic Traveller

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