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Originally Posted by Sailor of Fortune View Post
no reason at all a wood boat can't be keel cooled.
Yes, and mine works GREAT. I'd want that in my next boat too

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Entire wooden hulled fishing fleet was keel cooled.

Dashew has made a pretty convincing argument for heat exchanger cooled/wet exhaust.
Either way, designed well will work well.
My brother had a 55' steel trawler, keel cooled, dry stack. Biggest complaint against was cold starting either main or generator any soot out the stack landing on other yachts is bound to get owners aggravated. He ended up scrubbing soot off decks to appease a few.

Originally Posted by Portage_Bay View Post
Coming from the work boat world I prefer keel cooler and dry stack. Beuhler's designs have a strong work boat influence.

Keel cooler and dry stack are easier to maintain and less prone to problems. But on a wood boat it won't be possible to install a 'real' keel cooler. And the dry stack will cost you some interior space. If not properly installed dry stack will be nosier and hotter than wet exhaust.

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Originally Posted by Portage_Bay View Post
A wood or composite hull will have pipes or a Fernstrum style grid coolers attached to the hull. Those are often referred to as keel coolers. They work well and offer most of the advantages of a true keel cooler.

Those Fernstrums are extremely expensive. You may wish to consider the external pipes on your wood boat - more cost effective.
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Originally Posted by D.Duck44 View Post
If the plans were for wood and construction was faithful to the plans, then why not?
The only proviso being that she may not have the ultimate strength of a steel hull, but you may not require that anyway.

One word MAINTENANCE. I have had a 40ft, wood (commercially built) diesel powered boat and would not do it again. Later purchased a CHB 45 P/H in glass and cruised it for 25 years.
As always YMMV,
Charles C Culotta, Jr
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I visited With Wayne. He is a great boat builder. He has more in this one in materials alone. The boat is located near Chicago. Itís a beauty.
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Originally Posted by scott2640 View Post
We're building a 41' Duck in wood. The designer, George Buehler, was a big fan of dry stacks and keel cooling. We're still going back and forth on heat exchangher vs keel cooling.
Ive watched your build from the beginning when wi-fi and time permit. Your makin headway and hope your able to see her through. Only issue is the New York weather is not conducive to year round building. Its a short walk from the shop to the shed, until you have a foot or two of snow to deal with. Keep at it bud, might see ya on the water some day in the coming years.
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A really interesting boat seems to have a well constructed and strong design. The price is an incredibly low hand-made boat vs ordinary serial production. Good opportunity for somebody to get a great Trawler, I think a new wooden boat might be really ok to buy and own.

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I pass by this boat all the time in South Chicago. I gaze at her longingly every time. I don't know much about wooden boats, so I'm just too dumb to know any better, but I'd seriously consider buying her.

Just be nice to each other, dammit.
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