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Originally Posted by koliver View Post
OK DaddyO
How about 25 years if removing "beard" stain every time it re-appears? Several times every summer, is that long enough? I have tried a number of different brands of toilet bowl cleaner, all of which contain hydrochloric acid in some concentration. The ones that work best simply contain more HCl. My "beard" doesn't re-appear any faster now than it did when I first got my present boat in 1994, so I don't believe there is any damage being done by the cleaner.

About 20 yrs ago a friend of mine gave me a can of one of those expensive "marine" preparations (that don't tell you how much HCl they contain) and it didn't work as well as the better toilet bowl cleaners.

That same friend didn't need the cleaner any more, as he had just had his boat Awlgripped. His boat still doesn't get a "beard", proving that the only really effective remedy is Awlgrip. If could afford it, that is what I would use.
I agree but as I said early on..I would try the most mild remover the if I had a new boat or new hull "job" hoping that being less porous...I could get by with a more mile cleaner.

I will try lemon juice once my supply of "the works" runs out, I'd rather use it because having lemon juice on hand is good for the liquor locker anyway...

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When I had a trailered boat, just one or two days in the water would leave a brown stain. If I didn't wash it the minute I got home, the stain wouldn't wash off and I had to use acid. My choice was oxalic acid in a concentration that wouldn't hurt the driveway or grass and plants in my yard.

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