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Does anyone know how to remove the wiper arms on a Marine Trader. I've tried everything but no luck. I'm afraid to use to much force and break the motor.

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They sell Inexpensive wiper arm pullers for cars. I would assume it's a similar mount..

Check with your local Autozone..

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Try some penetrating oil for a couple of days. Encrusted salt and corrosion will be loosened with a good application of penetrating oil. Good luck!
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A picture of your wiper arm might help us to help you.
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Lift up to release clamping or a set screw type?
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On some arms there is a spring tang that grips past the splined shaft head. It must be moved to release.
Salt /corrosion can freeze the splines so the suggestion of a penetrant may help.
When reassembled use a good waterproof grease to prevent future trouble.

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