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No expansion tank, we have a Shurflow Revolution pump, and 300 gallons of water in two tanks.

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My boat has this type of installation with pressurize water or city water. I will not say that there cannot be any issue with it but will share my own experience.
First trip we made, when reaching our berth, the day after a pipe popped out and water has been flowing in the bilge, fortunately we were onboard and we just shut down the water without damaged, just some water to pump out of the bilge.
After inspection I found out that due to aging the pipe (clear braided pvc pipe) were becoming softer at warm temperature and the pressure has just push the pipe out of the fitting. The real issue here was not the city water but a list of fault in the setup:
1. The pressure regulator on the water inlet was not working properly.
2. The pipes were aged and becoming softer during warm sunny days as well as the part going near the engine room.
3. All the fittings were barb fitting which is in my sense not ideal.
4. Pipe were not double clamped which is a mistake.
5. After many years of repairs with piece of pipes there were so many fitting that I cannot count them

After this, I removed the whole plumber and rebuilt it using only pex pipe, with modern whale quick connect fitting using barb only where it was forced (sometime you cannot do anything else). I changed the inlet pressure regulator and removed all the useless fittings using direct connection as much as possible (ultimately you should have a manifold from where all the pipes are going out and direct to the faucet or its target connection).
This plumber repair and rebuild cost me less than 100$ and only required some of my free time to do it right. Now I have the same plumber as in my house and I am pretty confident that the city water connection is not an issue anymore.

So in conclusion, in my sense and novice experience, most problem occur not because of the water pressure but because of a badly maintained plumber.
One thought though, I always shutdown the water when I am leaving the boat so I can relax and be sure that there will be no damaged while not onboard but this is common sense isn't it?

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Watch out for water pressure issues--as in too much--. Most docks are to one extent or another downhill from source, and the pressure can get very high. When I lived aboard, initially I hooked to shore water. Early one morning, I woke up because the boat just didn't "feel right". It seemed to be a bit down toward the bow. The master was in the stern. The sore water hookup was on the bow and yes, it had a pressure reducer in-line but it had apparently failed. When I got into the forward stateroom, I was standing in 2 feet of water. A line on the fresh water washdown pump had come off the stem. The bilge pumps below were not keeping up with it because of pressure and volume. I don't know if it would have been enough to sink it eventually, but the water did damage wood and soft-goods. I never hooked to shore water again. The side benefit is that the water in the tanks was always sweet and fresh.
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My bilge is extra fresh and clean today as yesterday after filling my only 40 gallon tank, a compression fitting to my hot water heater came loose and spewed into it! I'm glad that I stuck around after filling it and very happy that my bilge alarm caught my attention!
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And someone posted I the other water thread how they were filling tanks, forgot went home and came back to a sunk boat the next d.

So even filling tanks is not foolproof.

You have to be smart enough to risk manage the big ones...
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Do you have a fresh water washdown hose bib on your boat? I have a similar system with the FW washdown hose bib. I have connected mine with a Camco RV pressure regulator, a female-to-female hose adapter to connect to dockside water. It works on my vessel and the regulated water pressure prevents the pump from cycling.

As mentioned by others, it's not something I'd want turned on when I was away from the boat unless I had a device like Hopcar linked above to prevent too much water from entering in the event of a failure.
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Al, good idea. No new hardware to install. Wait a minute! I don't like that!
Parks Masterson
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One up side to using your onboard tank at the dock is it will stay fresher and not get stagnant, just refill from the dock water as needed, keeps the water in the tank fresh
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I use or turn over the water every third month ....and it stays fresh enough I don't notice any difference..

Drinking water from the tanks goes through a 2 stage Whirlpool filter system.

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