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What's in the keel?

Does anyone have any idea what might be inside the keel of my DeFever 41? It seems to be pretty solid, but when I removed some screws from the top of the keel to take out an old bilge pump, water came out. If there is water in there, should I be trying to drain it out before freezing weather?

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yes don't let it freeze. Try using wire to judge how deep the cavity is. Water might have come in via the same screw you removed.

If it were me I would cut an opening and fit a small water tight inspection port and suck out the water with a shop vac. Use the new port to watch for water in future. Make sure no more screws penetrate or are not very well sealed.

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My Albin has a cement filled keel.
It had water in it I bought the boat and the surveyor did not find it.
It was late fall when I bought it so the boat stayed on the hard at the marina where the PO had kept it for many years.
It was not until the spring that I discovered it dripping water out of a small "crack" in the gelcoat. The only way I could get to stop leaking and fix the area was to drill and tap for a pipe plug so the water would drip/ooze out thru the hole. It was still oozing out at launch time so I used a flush brass plug in the hole.
Every fall I remove the plug and let anything remaining ooze out. It took 4 winters of that until water no longer oozed out.
I DID find the source of the intrusion the first spring. There was a bilge pump (looked oem to me) that was screwed into the bilge and water was leaking thru one or more of those holes. I glassed up all the holes and mounted a new pump a different way so I wouldn't have to breech the keel.
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Like the keel on most/many GBs, it may be hollow.
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Doug, I suggest posting the question on the DeFever Cruiser's forum. Many folks there with technical knowledge of builds on various models/years/yards. It will cost $20 to join but worth it if you have a DF. You may also repost, or ask the moderators to move your post, on the Defever sub forum.
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