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what I am getting from this discussion is that it seems like its the rhythmic vibration that attracts the fish, so maybe one should not replace the squeaky bed or belt. Could also be the frequency so one would have to play with that in order to ascertain the proper frequency for fish attraction???? complicated for me gonna have a toonie

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The Ultrasonic antifoul systems claims only to work on critters and barnacles - they do not claim to prevent slime or weed.....

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on a different but similar vane, I had to work on a 15 years old pickup truck last week with one of those electronic anti corrosion modules installed that had been on vehicle since new and still showed the LED indicating it was working.Every nut bolt etc was corroded down to half size and the fuel lines were so corrode I was scared to touch them.Glad I did not waste my money on one of these units when I bought my old Ford 20 years ago.
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Originally Posted by Searios View Post
Good point, does any regular users of transducers have critters or barnacles on their transducers?
I knock barnacles off of depth sounder transducers all the time.

Clean bottoms are FastBottoms!
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