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the FULL Spectrum ---- thanks everyone!

Good Vibrations, Houston TX

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Originally Posted by Peter B View Post
Sorry Fred, wrong. I used to have a nice long handle extension to my engine intake seacock, which yes, was just a simple push/pull arrangement to close, so always closed it because I could reach it from the forward (cooler) part of the ER, through a hatch in the galley floor. However, when it was recommended to be changed at last insurance survey, the new one with fancy stainless strainer and all that was installed, I just assumed it would be similar, but noÖit has a damned detente on the handle, which must be slid upwards, or if shut, outwards, to unlock the position either open or closed. Not sure why they thought a seacock could wander open or shut by itself, but they must have thought so to do that. Net result, I would have to get in down and alongside hot engine to close - so now I don't. Not gonna. However, if (fairly anal) Marin is prepared to leave his engine intake seacocks open, then so am I.

You can remove that sliding latching piece of need be.

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I used to worry a bit when I had 10 Seacocks on my old sailboat...
I have 4 now (engine, AC, Head in, head out) Life is simpler.
A boat floats on it's hoses, but I NEVER had an issue...
If you're paranoid you could worry, but I don't...
Just keep everything maintained and check regularly..
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I open and close mine regularly not so much to prevent a leak but to prevent them from not being operable, use it or lose it preventive maintenance. I have seen a few boats that had frozen seacocks from not being cycled open and close regularly. Like having a 15 minute job changing an engine raw water impeller take hours because the seacock is froze open.
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Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
Ok, you win, I guess.

I don't like having that many holes in the boat, but that's the way it came. Our other boat has just two holes in the hull not counting the shaft logs.
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I leave my boat at the coast which is 2.5 hours away from home. I close them when I leave to come home. Peace of mind, one less thing to worry about and it only takes a few minutes. I have 6, two heads, two engines, generator, and ac pump.
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He who dies with the most seacocks wins!
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Originally Posted by Old deckhand View Post
He who dies with the most seacocks wins!
Or sinks!
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OK, I'll play.

14! 2 of which are not even in use

9 of them are on the sea chest, which is completely open to the sea at the bottom. 2 have what looks like a SS elbow connected to the bronze seacock with a lot of funk growing on the interior and some paint blasting on the exterior around the through hulls (galvanic problems, I'm sure).

I'm going to replace the seacock and through hulls I decide to keep since they are the old Groco SV rubber plug models which haven't been made for years. I'll also consolidate and eliminate several others wherever possible.

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