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Saving Caulk

I just opened a new squeeze tube of 4200 and would like to know how to store it between uses. I have had no luck in the past. Is there a trick to it?

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RE: Saving Caulk


I think the only solution is to use it all when first opened. I've never had a tube that lasted any time at all. Great for 3M though!

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Saving Caulk

I have kept an opened squeeze tube it in the freezer for several months. When I needed to use it I put it out in the sun for a while and it worked fine. Each time squeezed the air out, and took off the pointed spout and screwed the cap on.
I read about doing it on one of the forums years ago.
Steve W

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RE: Saving Caulk

A technique we use with fair success with caulk that is in a caulking gun tube is to cut the finger off a latex glove (surgical glove) and tape the open end down around the nozzle on the tube with electrical tape. Then fill the fingertip with caulk (sort of like a water balloon). The caulk in the fingertip will harden but between it and the latex glove "balloon" no air can get down into the tube. Caulk lasts quite a long time when we do this--- six months, maybe? I've never kept track of it.
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RE: Saving Caulk

I agree, put it in the freezer and you will be able to use if for some time, but not forever. Chuck
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