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Originally Posted by Peter B View Post
I agree FF. I was thinking it leant itself to straightening the slightly bent eye base, then a couple of decent sized pop-rivets, and Bob's y'uncle

Incidentally, I think there is backing plate, because those are small threaded bolts, not screws. They are blunt ended, not self-tapping, thread too fine, so unlikely just screwed into the fibreglass for mine...but if they were just screwed in, that was a weird type of screw to use. However, if into a backing plate, then there was little purchase for it to pull out like that.
There was no backing plate/nuts or some of the threads on the screws would have stripped off as the screw was pulled through the plate/nut. As you can see in the picture the threads are intact.

Properly drilled and tapped fiberglass with machine screws can make for a stronger mounting than using wood screws.

As far as pop rivets go, since fiberglass is not that dense, the body of the rivet can swell all the way up its full length before the shaft pops off. Then you have a bad rivet and the hole is now over sized as well. There are good reasons you very rarely see pop rivets used in fiberglass unless the rivet can pass all the way thru the glass and you can put a washer over the tip.

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"then a couple of decent sized pop-rivets,"

Pop rivets are NOT structural , and are fairly weak, even the SS versions..

Aircraft and truck / bus industry rivets are structural.

Visit google to see the difference in tension and sheer

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