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Originally Posted by billwilletts View Post
Interesting idea too about the trap - I guess the principle is the same as a house - it blocks the smell. Not sure I have room to do that though.
Both "facilities" on our boat are configured with a vanity up against the side of the hull, and the head next to that. I ran the discharge pipes from the head unit into the bottom of the adjacent vanity and then vertical to the vented loop. For the aft head, solid PVC runs down hill from the exit off the vented loop, along the side of the hull behind cabinetry in the aft stateroom and into the holding tank under the cockpit. Had to create some new holes for the pipe runs and shortened one drawer for clearance. Lots of skinned arms and hands. Most of these boats are similar in layout.

By the way, those formed black rubber couplings (with clamps) available at the big box stores are attractive alternatives to barbs and flex pvc hose in some spots. They're specifically designed for sewage applications, although they might odor permeate...don't know. But even if they did pick up some stink after a period...they're dirt simple to change as opposed to that flex PVC. I used them when I replaced the stinking old pump out hoses with hard PVC (keep in mind that these pump out hoses can be odor culprits in addition to the lines from the head to tank).

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Originally Posted by billwilletts View Post
Ok so here is another obvious choice - flexible PVC pipe - like they use on pools and hot tubs? It is all PVC but also flexible and the standard PVC fittings will glue right up. It looks just like sanitation hose too. PVC won't absorb smells either.
Hard PVC won't but flex PVC most assuredly will...It's highly gas permeable!

Flex PVC is ok for water, but not for sewage because the insides of hoses and plumbing are anaerobic environments. Water isn't organic matter full of bacteria that stinks when it breaks down anaerobically...sewage is. I've seen flex PVC permeate in less than 90 days. All the cheapest waste hose (sched 148) is flex PVC is SeaLand's "odorsafe" brand, which I've also seen permeate in a very short time.

Trident 101/102 (identical except for color...101 is black, 102 is white) is a double walled rubber hose that has a biocide in the rubber formula. 101 has been on the market for nearly 20 years without a single reported odor permeation failure. 102's track record isn't that long only because it hasn't been on the market but about 10 took 'em a while to figure out how to put a white "skin" on 101.

Which is why they're the only hose I recommend. Shields has one they've put a "lifetime" warranty on...but since the useful life of any hose--fuel, water OR waste--is only about 10 years because all hoses do dry out and become brittle with age, "lifetime" is just hype to justify a ridiculous price IMO. Raritan introduced a "new" hose a few years ago...made in Italy. It appears to be same hose that Vetus also sells under their private label brand name. I've never heard anything good or bad about Vetus hose...Raritan's hasn't been on the market but a few years, not long enough yet to recommend 'cuz I tend to stick with known track records, and 20 years with no reported odor permeation failures is by far the best track record for sanitation hose. And it's reasonably priced.

Hard PVC won't permeate, but it's best to use only in long straight runs, 'cuz short runs require a lot of unions, all of which can leak if subjected to enough stress and flex.

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