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Yes but I'd much rather have tinted glass than a film or spray.

You realize any tinting will add heat to the vessel interior?

Great in Mass with cool water , but if you wander on down the southern locations will be warmer!

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Originally Posted by FF View Post
"I say tint if you are in a hot climate."

GREAT !!! If you like to be broiled , or run the noisemaker and air cond even more.

Tinted windows get HOT , that solar energy has to go someplace, and the glass will radiate the extra energy into the boat.

Easier on your eyes , for sure , but not on your body.

The reflective films , like a movie cracker sheriff sun glasses , can be applied and removed as required.

Here is another data point for those who are considering reflective tint on older windows. We had a film tint guy come to the boat and take measurements for making an estimate. After he did all the work measuring the windows he figured out it was laminated glass. He promptly called he boss and he told him to forget it. They wont put tint on laminated glass. The heat up caused by the reflective material may crack the glass. The energy is reflected back to the laminate between the two sheet of glass and it heats up. He left me samples and I did a test after he left. I put a piece on the window. In direct sun light the glass with the reflective film was very hot. As recall it was 140F while the un-tinted was 90F.
We went with Sunbrella Phifertex covers

Dave Frye
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Great piece of data there, Dave. Thanks!


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