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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
a longer wire, softer wire brush will get down into the valleys. It will scratch the surface as sandpaper as long as the speed is slow enough not to burnish.
There are rotary brush floor polishers that can clean out the valleys, distribute the wax, and then polish. Or so I am told.

The boater selling it to me at his garage sale grabbed it back and kept it, the dirty little nipper.

So, on to Craigslist I guess..

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Very informative post. I'm looking at putting nonskid on the 'formerly nonskid' surfaces which have been covered with either bright white paint or gelcoat. One specific area is a bit 'puffy,' feeling like a rash to the touch.

Having read through all the relevant posts on this forum, I've settled on Interlux Interdeck. What I haven't determined is how to prepare the surfaces, other than a good cleaning.

I'd also like opinions on whether brushing works well enough; with something as expensive as this, I'd prefer to not have the wasted product which is inevitable with a roller (from extensive land-based experience).



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Interlux has a help page and a help line, just google interlux paint help
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Originally Posted by Star0210 View Post
Our plan is do the best we can with cleaning the molded non skid areas (which is like 90% of all of the deck areas) and sand it down a bit and paint. We're still trying to decide which paint to use but I think we're going to give Kiwigrip a try with a not too aggressive finish.
In most areas where I've scraped off this paint, the original gelcoat underneath is shiny and smooth as a baby's butt.
I really liked the Kiwigrip we used on a skiff did a number of years ago. Prep is 95% of the job. It held up really well It can be VERY aggressive - read instructions about knocking off the peaks. It is also VERY thick and is good for getting a uniform finish on a non-so-uniform substrate.
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A sailboater on my dock used this, and he's happy. Don't know his exact prep, but he did sand his decks first. One coat seemed to do it. I'm going to give it a try next spring.
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The moulded "diamond" pattern non-skid on our bow is in eight small grids that are outlined by flat deck surface. The flat surfaces are in good condition...the non-skid areas are eroding and the blue substrate is showing through. My plan is to tape/mask off the flat surfaces and spray finish gel coat on the non-skid patches.

I'll clean the areas to be painted with the purple colored cleaner and then use brass barbeque grill brushes to scuff down in the depressions. Then clean a second time with the purple cleaner, which does a nice job removing wax and contaminants. (It will also turn gel coat yellow, so must be careful not to leave it on too long and rinse liberally with fresh water if it gets onto surfaces not to be recoated. This is the gelcoat I will use EvercoatĀ® Don't care if it doesn't shine as the non-skid pattern breaks up the light anyway.

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