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oil smell. what stops it

I searched but didn't find any answer...

What is the best practice for removing oily smells? The boat has been on the hard and all water/oil drained since October but the smell just won't go away. I have tried pressure washing with a degreaser. It helped but it didn't cure. I was hoping that it would go away by being aired out but no such luck.

I hear a citrus degreaser may help?

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I had some orange stuff from west and it knocked out the burn smell, so Iam sure it would cure the oil smell.

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We have used this with good success. PureAyre Marine and Boat Odor Eliminator Wife really likes a clean smelling boat and this cured the smell of some diesel we had. Also can use white vinegar and baking soda and let sit for some time and then rinse. However, the Pureayre worked quite well. Eventually, it will disperse after cleanings and fresh air over time....... Hope this helps........
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One of our TFers had a holding tank leak that caused lasting odor problems. He swears by an ozonator in the ER after a thorough scrub down. (I think he used an orange cleanser.) He also removed all his fabrics and cushions to clean them remotely.
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If the boat has been sitting six months and the smell still strong, then I'd look further for the source of the smell. It surely sounds like there may be some oily substance that has gotten into an area that hasn't been completely cleaned. If that's the case, then treatment is going to still not remove the problem.
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Referring to ozone generators. A few years back there was a company that sold them for marine use. A small little unit about 5 x 7 x 2. Installed in the ER. It worked great, knocked down any odour created down there. Then the element burned out (which is normal). Then the company went out of business. So its useless now.
But the point is they work great IN THE ER ONLY.
If you have one running in the saloon you must turn it off while you are on the boat. Not good to be around.

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