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I just spoke to Mac at Raritan. He said that they do make an adapter that turns the discharge 90 degrees to go through the bulkhead instead of the deck. The 1" part number is 22148 and the 1 1/2" part number is 22147. You can use either 1" or 1 1/2" hose from the head to the holding tank. He actually knew the part numbers without having to look them up...

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Actually, and sadly, not quite true. Here is text of my original inquiry from late July, followed by his reply:

I have purchased one of your Marine Elegance toilets with the Smart Flush and Sea/Fresh options. I have made a new head base to replace the rotted plywood/melamine panel.
The ME cannot be installed as your instructions show: the hull is tapering inwards there and the head door would interfere with the bowl. In fact, the handle of the PH II has to be lifted to swing the door. My solution is to rout the three hose connections and the wiring towards the back, outboard, athwartships where I will have more room. Obviously, the two water connections are pretty easy; I can even buy hose barbs that are ells rather than straight. However, if memory - and your instructions - serve, the two-stage (1 1/2" and 1") discharge adapter fitting is integral with the enclosure of the joker, part #221145. It would be dandy if that fitting could be swapped out with one that discharges as an ell, horizontally, rather than straight down. That way, the connection would be higher, where the boat is wider. I'll share pics and an AutoCAD drawing when we get off this space-limited form. Thanks!

Here is his reply:

Unfortunately we don’t offer an integral 90 degree fitting. We do offer an add-on 90 degree kit (consisting of a hose to hose 90 and a piece of hose) that would accomplish the turn, but would lower the assembly.
#221147 1.5”@$48.00 or #221148 1” @$34.50 both plus shipping and tax, if applicable.
Thank you

Mac McCoy

I then asked a follow-up question:

Thanks, Mac,

What kind of plastic is the fitting? PVC?

Thinking of cutting and gluing my own.


And his reply:

Yes, these 90 degree fittings are std off the shelf PVC fittings.

Mac McCoy

Having read this far, you will note that the part numbers he gave you were slightly mis-remembered and the prices he gave me were probably wrong by a decimal point. They are ordinary insert x insert ells, available at Lowes and elsewhere.

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