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Originally Posted by Larry M View Post
Glad we could contribute to the refit. And a great way of adding weight.
Thank you for your very generous contribution!

Originally Posted by fryedaze View Post
Yeah! Boat rides for everyone!!!!!!
Yes, but tomorrow only. Hoping to catch up with you in February.

Originally Posted by Hawgwash View Post
Don't be too hard on yourself, lad. You won't be old until you use the dinghy crane to board the kayak.
I think I'll call it quits before I reach that point.

Originally Posted by stubones99 View Post

One thing I noticed was the zip ties were clipped with dikes which leave sharp edges... If you'll use big toe nail clippers, it will trim them flush with no sharp edges. Those sharp edges can cut a hose or strip insulation, or skin...

Once I had our crew at Scientific Atlanta switch to toe nail clippers, our re-work volume dropped due to cut / marked insulation on wiring racks, not to mention skinned knuckles.

Are you going to be around trawlerfest in Riviera Beach? I'd love a chance to see your masterpiece.
First, let me be perfectly clear, those zip ties weren't installed by me! I cinch then cut the tails flush with a utility knife. Have another day of work in that area refastening the drain pipe, pulling some orphan wires, and then retie wrapping. It will be neat when I'm done.

Won't be making Riviera Beach but hope to have the boat at the geezer rally in February.

Originally Posted by healhustler View Post
Ted is much too gracious of a person to contribute such a provocative, embarrassing element (his boat) to Trawler Fest. Just imagine the humiliation experienced by new boat dealers when Ted's refit puts them to shame.

Originally Posted by Capt Jack View Post
You know your getting old when you see nothing wrong with using a dinghy crane to launch and recover your kayak as opposed to man handling it on to the boat

That is not old it is being intelligent enough to use the tools at your disposal to their greatest advantage!

Great thread - many thanks for sharing your journey

Glad you enjoyed my Odyssey. Not to be repeated.

Originally Posted by Cuttyhunk47 View Post
I really want to thank you for sharing your project over the last months. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching and reading as your dream took shape.

You have given us the vicarious pleasure of watching a monumental project come to fruition. And not once did we have to pull out a big wad of boat bucks. Not once were we really tormented over project delays and frustrations. Although we felt your anguish at times. Nor did any of us wake up in the middle of the night wondering if the whole project would grind to a halt and end up with a heap of fiberglass, buckets of used paint, scraps of wire and rust.

Who knows? Maybe your success may even tempt some of us to consider such a project for ourselves. Not that most of us have anywhere near your skill, vision and where-with-all (nor your support team in Sean), but the results you have achieved must provide you with a near life-changing satisfaction. You should be very proud.
Thank you! It's been a very satisfying experience. Glad you enjoyed the process. Highly recommend the experience for those who want their boat their way.


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